Things you need to know about arrangment

Custom kitchen cabinets always represent high quality, better looking and more functional comparing to pre-made kitchens. Shopping custom cabinets online, except those advantages listed above, Means even more convenience and Lower price! However, we fully understand, for many customers, it is hard to arrange kitchen layout by themselves. After you read this article you will get the idea about how to arrange your own kitchen and make it special for you!

Taking the accurate dimension is the first step to arrange your cabinets.
Measure the dimension from each side to the window frame then arrange cabinets between them. As picture 1 & 2 showing, also take the size on other side of the wall, including your fridge and pantry if needed. See Picture 3.


Pic 1


Pic 2



Pic 3


Normally, regular cabinet is not able to use at corner unless it encounters a wall end. One of Diagonal corner,90 degree corner or Blind corner should be used on corner cabinets. Also, they are available on base corner cabinets too, you can choose what you like from our website.

After arranged cabinets, you need add some finish panels for open side of your cabinets to cover the screws that
installed on cabinet boxes and also some filler next to the wall to prevent uneven wall that block the door. Here is an example for where you should put panels and fillers. See picture 4

Pic 4
         You also need panels attach to pantry and fridge. See picture 5

Pic 5


Notice: The Panel and filler have ¾ inch width. So when you calculate your cabinet size, it should be the dimension that you measured minus the number of panel and filler times ¾ then divide the number of doors that you want to put in the space.

For example: The dimension you measured is 100’’, you need 2 finish panels or 1 finish panel and 1 filler in there,and 4 cabinets doors. (100’’-(3/4*2))/4 = 24 7/8’’ So,The size for each cabinet door is 24 7/8’’.You can put two double door cabinets in there or other option you like.

When you get all these done. Add toe tick to your base cabinets. The color should be same to your cabinets. See picture 5.