How to measure a kitchen
Normally,There are three different kitchen layouts,L shape,U shape and Gallery.When measuring the kitchen,they are all basic following the same rule.For U shape kitchen,the procedure is showing below

First,measure dimension A shows above,from left side wall all the way to right side wall.You also need to know where your hood fan hole locate and leave enough space for both hood fan and range.Then measure Dimension E,from ceiling to floor,to decide how height of wall cabinets will be.At least leave 18~20 inch space between wall cabinets and base cabinets.

After finish A and E,measrue C and D on right side wall.C starts from wall to outside of window frame and D starts from end of the wall or where you want cabinets end to outside of the window frame in the other side.

B is the last dimension has to be measured,the whole length of the left side wall including the size of fridge.

L shape kitchen:

Measure Dimension A first,the whole length of the wall,and D,the height from ceiling to floor.

Then continute measure B and C as same method as above.

The way of measuring is even simpler for Gallery Layout Kitchen,measure all the dimensions that show on pictures on each side of the wall.

When you have all the dimensions you can start to arrange cabinets to fill the room.The accressaries and other details that you need when you arrange the cabinets,please see other articles we post on website.